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World of Values

World of Values is an exciting student-centred website that explores values through personal, intercultural and global perspectives. Designed for students across five levels of schooling, students are challenged to expand their world view and explore issues outside their own perspectives through the themes of Communities, Peacemakers, Boundaries, Future Makers and The Big Questions. While the website is student-centred, access to the material is teacher-mediated. We suggest you review the site first to decide how you wish to engage with it in your classroom.

WOV screen shot

The World of Values website provides access to:

  • digital resources including film clips, animations and photographs ideal for interactive whiteboards, data projectors, computer labs or classroom computers
  • whole class, small group and individual student activities
  • teacher guides and the option of creating flexible learning pathways.

How to access World of Values:

  1. Click on Accept to open the website.
  2. On the first screen, enter the access key code.
    Find out about the access key code.
  3. Within the World of Values website, click on Help for information on website navigation (top right hand side corner).

By clicking ACCEPT you agree to the conditions of use.

You may need the latest Adobe Flash Player to play the film clips. Follow the instructions on the Adobe website to upgrade to Adobe Flash Player 10.

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