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What's new – July 2012

Welcome to 'What's new' on the Values Education website for July 2012.


1 – 8 July 2012 - NAIDOC Week
2 July 2012 - International Day of Cooperatives
11 July 2012 - World Population Day
18 July 2012 - Nelson Mandela International Day
27 July 2012 - Schools Tree Day
30 July 2012 - International Day of Friendship
31 July 2012 - National Forum – How schools and parents can work together to address bullying

Good practice in schools

The Values in Action Schools Project Evaluation Summit stories and videos

VASP Evaluation Summit participants_3 VASP Evaluation Summit participants_2


The Values in Action Schools Project (VASP) was a national project in which clusters of schools were funded by the Australian Government to design, implement and evaluate the outcomes of high quality values education projects. An Evaluation Summit was convened near the end of the project. The purpose of the Summit was to evaluate the outcomes of projects using a structured and facilitated participatory evaluation methodology called the Most Significant Change Technique. The Summit involved teacher, parent and student representation from each cluster and was an innovative means of gathering evidence of change generated by the cluster projects. The Evaluation Summit also deeply informed the approach of clusters to their final reports and to ‘Giving Voice to the Impacts of Values Education: The Final Report of the Values in Action Schools Project’. During the Summit video recordings were taken of the tables of participants reading aloud the stories from the VASP clusters selected for the Summit and discussing the outcomes in terms of most significant change from the Values in Action School Project. A selection of the video clips, the stories, and student artworks developed on the day are available on the website. They provide profound insights into the impacts of values education in school communities.



Two new articles:

  •  ‘A place at the table: values education in the Australian Curriculum’, Julie Mitchell
  •  ‘No place for bullying: How schools create a positive culture and prevent and tackle bullying’, Ofsted


Two new web web links:

  • 'Bullying No Way!' entry point for students includes the 'Take A Stand Together' mobile app
  • Human Values Foundation