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Values in Action Schools Project: Final Report
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Values in action activities

‘Giving Voice to the Impacts of Values Education: The Final Report of the Values in Action Schools Project', October 2010 is a report of the learnings and outcomes of the Values in Action Schools Project (VASP). The report identifies five key and interrelated impacts of the VASP:

  1. Values consciousness
  2. Wellbeing
  3. Agency
  4. Connectedness
  5. Transformation


The Values in Action Schools Project Clusters projects were designed around an action research cycle and implemented over three phases. The clusters involved in the VASP were at various stages of implementing values education in their schools communities, with beginning clusters through to experienced clusters.

A collection of outlines of various phases of VASP projects listing the intention of the phase, activities that assisted in the achievement of the phase, and the contribution this phase made towards achievement of the overall objectives of the project will be provided below. These outlines are intended to support schools implementing values education with a range of activities.

For further information on the cluster projects and the key outcomes see The Final Report of the Values in Action Schools Project.

Values consciousness

An introduction to values: The Tasmanian Values Cluster includes a lesson on exploring values through a literacy context using a 'community of inquiry' focus based on Colin Thompson’s 'The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley'.

Values consciousness and wellbeing

Out of Apathy: Beenleigh Believe, Achieve, Succeed Cluster, Queensland. The Beenleigh Cluster project identified apathy as a major issue in the cluster’s four low socioeconomic school communities. Addressing this issue of the lack of self-belief and self-knowing was approached through an arts-based, values-focused program of self-discovery. Teachers undertook professional development which they then facilitated with the secondary students, these students then co-facilitated the program with the primary students. Participating schools then identified a need and worked together to make their local community a better place.

Resilience, Wellbeing and Learning: Catholic Schools of the Clarence Cluster, New South Wales outlines values activities from each school in the cluster. This cluster used two different components to assist in developing an ‘embedded consciousness’ of values in the school and community: values lead teachers; and a curriculum writing team. A unit of work from the writing team, Families Past and Present, is also available.

Values consciousness and agency

Values investigators: teachers and students researching values together: Lanyon Cluster of Schools, ACT. The Values Investigators project focused on teachers as designers and implementers of high quality curriculum that is values-based, engaging and connected to students’ life worlds. Through the project, the Lanyon cluster of schools used teachers and students as action researchers: collecting, analysing and presenting evidence of learning, particularly learning about values. The five schools built upon the values work they began in 2007, in which they integrated values across the curriculum using the Learning by Design approach. They developed a preschool to year 10 continuum in values education. They also integrated a culture of ‘giving’ as an opportunity for students to apply their values learning.

Values consciousness and transformation

Youth Voice: Fostering Inclusiveness, Respect and Tolerance: Maroondah Education Coalition, Victoria. The three secondary schools involved in the Maroondah Education Coalition have very different student cohorts with many refugee families recently coming to live in an area which previously had a largely monocultural community. Staff at the three schools believed there was a growing need to develop students’ understanding of refugees and build positive relationships between members of different cultures. The Youth Voice project was recognised as a meaningful way to support student wellbeing and facilitate students’ awareness, development and practice of their personal values. A key objective of the project was to establish a sense of community that embraced the whole school, parents and the local neighbourhood. The cluster used a multi-layered approach across the three school communities. 

Values consciousness, connectedness and transformation

Living and Growing our Values: Palmerston Values Cluster, Northern Territory The three diverse primary schools involved in the Palmerston Values Cluster have significant populations of Indigenous and Non-English Speaking Background students and children of Defence and other service personnel. All schools identified values education as a priority in their school improvement plans. The cluster sought to establish a professional learning community of teachers to implement an action learning project focusing on explicitly embedding values into a literacy curriculum, with an emphasis on narrative storytelling. Members of the professional learning community attended a values education professional learning day conducted by Dr Grace Sarra (Queensland University of Technology) which focused on seven techniques for teaching human values. The cluster decided to focus on the values of respect and responsibility and to build values rich pedagogies using the seven techniques. Students undertook activities designed to develop their understanding and enacting of these values in their lives. Class-based projects involved the wider school community. In the short time available for the project there was significant impact from the values education project in every class. 


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