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Values in Action Schools Project: Final Report
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Airds–Bradbury Cluster

My happiness … My choice

Airds–Bradbury Cluster, New South Wales

  • Airds High School
  • Bradbury Public School
  • Briar Road Public School
  • John Warby Public School
  • Woodlands Road Public School

Project proposal summary 

This project aims to provide evidence of enhanced values acquisition by students in the cluster by providing opportunities for explicit and implicit values education. Student leadership teams from each school will undertake workshops to assist them in fulfilling roles as student leaders for the values program and assuming partial responsibility for its delivery. Project activities will include the explicit teaching of values, the mentoring of primary students by senior students and a values-centred drama program provided by Brainstorm Productions. The project will build on Airds High School’s existing Values Platform and utilise existing community forums for communication and participation.

Airds High School home page shows the school's values statement which was formulated by staff and parents at a planning conference.

Final Report

Stage 1 Of the Values Education Good Practice Schools Project has now been completed. An extract from  Implementing  the  National  Framework  for  Values  Education  in  Australian  Schools:  Report  of  the  Values  Education  Good  Practice  Schools  Project  –  Stage  1:  Final  Report  September  2006 for The Airds–Bradbury Cluster can be downloaded as a PDF document.