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Initiatives targeting Recommendation 23

Northern Territory

Indigenous Youth Employment Strategy for Alice Springs

The development of this strategy is being sponsored by the Commonwealth Department of Employment and Work Relations and has facilitated the collaboration and cooperation of government agencies, non-government agencies and the private sector in Alice Springs to develop and support this strategy.

The development of the strategy will be completed by April 2002 and the implementation of strategy elements should commence later in the year. The strategy will focus on supporting the private sector to employ young Indigenous people in Alice Springs. Through the strategy support will be available for young Indigenous people who have traditionally had difficulty in accessing and maintaining full time employment.

Elements of the strategy will include increasing private sector awareness of youth needs; linking with school based programs and supporting employers to participate in work experience and New Apprenticeship programs; providing a point of contact for employers to access programs to support Indigenous employment; providing mentoring support for employers and employees; and encouraging and supporting part time employment of Indigenous students to increase understanding of work culture.

Target group: Young Indigenous people of Alice Springs

Coverage: Alice Springs

Timeframe: Ongoing

Responsible agency: Department of the Chief Minister.