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What's new

Ministers united on education and training in the information economy

The Australian Government Minister for Education, Science and Training, Dr Brendan Nelson, has welcomed the Joint Statement on Education and Training in the Information Economy released by the Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA), a body which consists of Australia's Education and Training Ministers. In the statement, the Ministers recognise the pivotal importance of information technology to Australia's economic prosperity, and the necessity of its continuing integration into education and training. The statement also contains an undertaking by the Ministers to collaborate on work which advances the pedagogical practices and knowledge of teachers in the area of information technology; enables all individuals, through the use of information technology, to gain the requisite skills for living and working in the twenty-first century; and reports on Australia's performances, in regards to the use of information technology, against international comparisons. For more information see Media Release, 11 February 2005.      

Conference for Adelaide (SA)

Unleashing the Power Within is the title of the conference of the National Association for Conductive Education, which will be held in Adelaide on 7-9 April 2005. Conductive education is a means to empowering people with disabilities, and the conference will highlight the principles of this kind of education, and promote awareness about its purposes. For more information see Xpress, 3 February 2005, and visit the conference website

Program builds quality of science education (Qld)

The Department of Education and the Arts (Qld), along with four Queensland universities, is currently implementing the Leadership in Primary Science initiative. The initiative, funded by the Australian Government Quality Teacher Programme (AGQTP), aims to improve primary teachers' dispositions towards science education, their pedagogical practices and their abilities to be leaders in primary science teaching. Teachers can use their participation in the programme to seek advance standing in postgraduate courses offered at universities. For more information see Education Views, 28 January 2005, or email greg.smith@qed.qld.gov.au .

Resource kit puts focus on responsible gambling (Qld)

The Responsible Gambling Teaching Resource Kit was created by the Queensland Treasury, and is aimed at helping students to understand the dangers of problem gambling, as well as how to gamble responsibly when they are of an age to do so legally. The kit is divided into four modules, and is appropriate for use in curricula for Years 4-12. For more information see Education Views, 28 January 2005, or email  responsiblegambling@treasury.qld.gov.au .

New Crime Prevention Program for Primary Schools (SA)

Learning for Safer Communities, curriculum materials on the prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour which were produced by the South Australia Police, will be introduced into the Years 6 and 7 curriculum in 2005. The materials will make young people more aware of what constitutes anti-social behaviour, and the consequences of crime. Students will also be empowered to deal with peer pressure and to make socially acceptable choices when faced with difficult circumstances. For more information see News Release, 18 February 2005.       

Vision for vocational education and training launched (ACT)

The ACT Vocational Education and Training Strategic Plan 2005-2009, developed by the Vocational Education and Training Authority (ACT), in consultation with the VET sector in the ACT, was launched on Tuesday, 22 February 2005. The plan, which is aligned with the anticipated needs and skill requirements of the ACT economy, will influence and inform Vocational Education and Training in the ACT for the next 5 years. For more information see Media Release, 22 February 2005, and the the ACT Vocational Education and Training Strategic Plan 2005-2009.      

Release of new curriculum for ACT schools

Every Chance to Learn: Curriculum for ACT Schools is the new curriculum framework for Years P-10 in the ACT. The new curriculum framework was launched on Wednesday, 23 February 2005, by the ACT Minister for Education and Training, Katy Gallagher. See Media Release, 22 February 2005. 

New management system at cutting edge of technology (Qld)

A new statewide school information management system is being developed which will link Queensland's 1292 State schools, and more effectively manage student administration and school finances. Tenders are being encouraged from the information technology sector to design, implement and operate the new multi-million dollar information management system. The tender can be downloaded from the Queensland Government Marketplace website.

Teachers to be taught self-defence

Teachers and principals in Victorian public schools could soon be given self-defence and security training as part of a State Government plan to deal with violence in the education system. See report in The Age, 16 December 2004.