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The Global Children's Challenge

Schools are invited to join the The Global Children's Challenge™, a health initiative designed to get children from all over the world active, and instil in them the habit and importance of daily exercise for the rest of their lives. Facilitated by teachers within classrooms, it empowers children to change their relationship with exercise, their bodies and the environment. It will commence 15 September 2011.

NSW plans to decentralise public schools

The NSW Government is to 'begin a process of consultation aimed at giving public schools more control over key aspects of their operations to enable better teaching and learning'. See statement from NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, 11 August 2011. See also article in the Sydney Morning Herald and article in the Daily Telegraph, both 12 August 2011, and statement from the NSW Teachers Federation 11 August 2011.

School Certificate NSW

The NSW School Certificate tests will not be administered beyond 2011. See statement 4 August 2011 from NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, and update from the Board of Studies 15 August 2011.

Review of early childhood education funding NSW

The NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, has announced an independent review of the way that early childhood education funding is allocated in the state. See Minister's statement 15 August 2011. See also article in the Sydney Morning Herald 16 August 2011.

Implementation of the Australian Curriculum in Queensland

The Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) has issued advice on minimum time allocations for individual subjects under the Australian Curriculum. See article in the Courier-Mail 18 August 2011.

Disadvantaged rural schools out-perform equivalent schools in cities: research

Students at disadvantaged rural schools score higher on national literacy and numeracy tests than do peers at equivalently disadvantaged schools in cities, according to recent research. See article and related article 13 August 2011 in The Australian.

Bank interest rates on children's accounts 'wouldn't buy a bag of lollies'

Children saving in their own bank accounts 'are being short-changed' by banks and credit unions 'paying miserly interest rates', according to a report in the Herald Sun 16 August 2011.

Victorian Government steps up fight against childhood obesity

The Victorian Government is setting up a practical healthy eating advice hotline as part of its campaign against childhood obesity. See statement 15 August 2011 from Victorian Minister for Health, David Davis.

Teenage girls sue Victorian Government over school bullying

Three teenage schoolgirls in Victoria are demanding that the Education Department pay 'for loss of future wages because of the traumatic bullying they have experienced at public schools', according to a report in the Herald Sun 16 August 2011.

Firms hired to monitor students online

An internet monitoring company has indicated that it has been employed by some Independent secondary schools to monitor students' activity on social media sites. See transcript of report from the ABC's AM program 13 August 2011.

Project will explore storytelling as means to develop scientific literacy

A new four-year study will examine how scientific literacy can be enhanced by storytelling and other strategies for 'emotional learning'. Three Queensland secondary schools will take part in the project, which is to be led by the Faculty of Education at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). See QUT statement 15 August 2011.