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Learning from gaming

Open University Innovation Report 2 

During the past decade, interest has developed in the ways in which digital games can be linked with education. Game-informed pedagogy draws on the study of games to increase engagement within learning settings. The trappings of games – colourful avatars, bright badges and staged challenges – are not enough in themselves to promote learning. However, the practices of gaming can be effectively applied within learning contexts through the ‘affinity group’: a group of people who use 'smart tools', such as interactive maps, to pursue a particular passion. Affinity groups are heterogenous in age and expertise; within these groups people both mentor and are mentored, knowledge is both distributed and dispersed, learning is self-initiated but also aided; and everyone is still a learner.

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Find the time online

The internet helps time-poor teachers meets their professional learning needs – Education Review.

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The fall of literature

Stephanie Forrest

Classic works of Western literature are neglected in most Australian schools and curricula – Institute of Public Affairs.

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Understanding the need for fine-grained assessment

Christine Cunningham, Neil Coy

Fine-grained assessment examines very specific aspects of learning – Australian Educational Leader.

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Snakes or ladders?

Elizabeth Munroe

A study examines the experiences of two teacher leaders returning to classroom teaching – Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy.

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