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CyberSafe Schools

Netalert Limited
The use of information communication technologies is still growing exponentially, and it is anticipated that the Internet will continue to play a central role in people’s lives. CyberSafe Schools is an enriching and contemporary program designed to assist Australian school teachers educate students about safe and responsible use of the Internet.  View Article...

Auditing ICT experiences of teacher education graduates

Glenice Watson, Romina M. J.  Proctor, Glenn Finger
The article reports on a study of a group of preservice teachers, which sought to identify their interest in ICT, and their competence to use and apply it in the classroom – Australian Educational Computing View Abstract...

How schools sustain success

Valerie Chrisman
A United States study examines the factors that allow struggling schools to enjoy sustained improvement in student test scores –  Educational Leadership View Abstract...

Strengthening learning through a focus on wellbeing

Steven Marshall
This paper examines the concept of wellbeing, its relevance to student learning, and what schools can do to promote it – ACER 2004 Conference View Abstract...

A wider lens on the Black-White achievement gap

Richard Rothstein
Attempts at school improvement to reduce the impact of social inequalities on educational outcomes in the United States will continue to be ineffective unless there is a simultaneous effort to reduce social disadvantage beyond the school - Phi Delta Kappan.  View Abstract...

Changing views

Susan L. Hillman, Cathy M. Malotka
The authors describe a process through which parents, by being introduced to the curriculum and the use of technology, were empowered to participate in their children's mathematics education  - Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. View Abstract...