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Beginning teachers' achievements and challenges: implications for induction and mentoring

Peter Hudson

In Australia and elsewhere, high attrition rates of beginning teachers from the profession are of concern. One way to reduce attrition is to provide beginning teachers with quality support, particularly in the form of induction and mentoring. Such support is more likely if induction and mentoring are informed by evidence about beginning teachers' needs and experiences during their first year of professional practice. This article reports on a qualitative study investigating the achievements and challenges experienced by ten beginning teachers at two points during the school year. The evidence highlighted the significance of student-behaviour management in the minds of these beginning teachers, and suggested that mentors need to be proactive in guiding their practices. The findings also revealed other concerns, such as differentiating their teaching to meet the needs of various learners, establishing a work-life balance, working with parents, and dealing with curriculum and assessment issues. Findings suggested that mentors need to be proactive in guiding the practices of beginning teachers.  

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The two purposes of teacher evaluation

Robert J. Marzano

Systems for teacher evaluation serve two distinct purposes: to develop teachers' professional practice and to measure its quality; the criteria used within each system differ significantly – Educational Leadership.

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Culturally relevant science teaching in middle school

Judson Laughter, Amelia Adams

Science students from minority backgrounds need the chance to access mainstream science instruction which is contextualised to allow for their cultural backgrounds – Urban Education.

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Steering instruction toward the mathematical point

Laurie Sleep

Teaching to the 'mathematical point' means to focus mathematical teaching on core instructional goals, and giving students a sound opportunity to learn the content covered – American Educational Research Journal.

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Dreams to reality: closing the reading achievement gap with a focus on fluency

Willemina Mostert, Kathryn Glasswell

A literacy project in Brisbane produces significant gains for low-SES students, after their teachers take part in professional learning for reading fluency – Practically Primary.

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