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Improving student engagement

Leah Taylor, Jim Parsons

The issue of student engagement has been of interest to educators for decades. Historically, attention to student engagement was seen as a way to re-engage or reclaim a minority of predominantly socio-economically disadvantaged students at risk of dropping out of high school, by encouraging achievement, positive behaviours and a sense of belonging at school. Over time, student engagement strategies were further developed and more broadly implemented as a way to manage classroom behaviour. More recently, student engagement has been built around the goal of enhancing all students' abilities to 'learn how to learn' and become lifelong learners in a knowledge-based society. This general interest in engagement for learning informs the current article. The authors review literature on the topic published over the last decade.

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Classroom behaviour management content in Australian undergraduate primary teaching programmes

S. O'Neill, Jennifer Stephenson

A survey has examined the provision of classroom behaviour management in their content of Australian primary pre-service teacher educators programs – Teaching Education.

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Writing instruction for young learners

Kate Roth, Kathleen Guinee

Researchers evaluate the benefits of a program designed to help young learners write independently  – Journal of Early Childhood Literacy.

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Accessing the literacy demands of assessment

Colleen Kaesehagen, Val Klenowski, Robert Funnell, Stephen Tobias

A study in north Queensland has investigated ways to make assessment of mathematics fairer and more effective for Indigenous students – Primary & Middle Years Educator.

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Adolescent bully-victims: social health and the transition to secondary school

Leeane Lester, Donna Cross, Thérèse Shaw, Julian Dooley

'Bully victims' are victims of bullying in some contexts and perpetrators of it in others – Cambridge Journal of Education.

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