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Literacy Learning in E-Learning Contexts


A group of New Zealand researchers and teachers have been analysing unpublished data from a range of action research inquiries on e-learning, to articulate, investigate and build theory about the literacy learning that takes place in e-learning contexts. The participants covered early childhood education (ECE), primary and secondary sectors. The participating teachers all possessed expertise with ICT and a 'futures-focused' approach to education, as well as sound disciplinary knowledge in the areas of their research. However, there were considerable differences in the availability, accessibility and reliability of the ICTs at these teachers' disposal. The article provides an overview of the group's cross-project analysis. The findings of this research suggest that teachers with a futures-focused approach to education can use ICTs to amplify opportunities for the types of literacy learning needed for living in the twenty-first century.

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The importance of community: bringing the outside in

Robyn Collins

Schools are forging increasingly important partnerships with parents, community and business organisations, and service agencies – ISQ Briefings.

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What's the big deal about pre-tests?

John Gough

Start-of-year maths tests for students serve a number of valuable purposes and should be extended from early to upper primary years – Prime Number.

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Teachers' knowledge about language: issues of pedagogy and expertise

Pauline Jones, Honglin Chen

A study examines teachers' preparedness to apply a functional approach to grammar instruction within the Language strand of the Australian Curriculum: English – Australian Journal of Language and Literacy.

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The explicit teaching of reading comprehension in science class

Tara Concannon-Gibney, Mary Jean McCarthy

A recent study has examined how reading comprehension strategies might be included effectively within science classes for years 3 to 8 – Improving Schools.

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