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SeeBeyondBorders: Australian teachers in Cambodia


SeeBeyondBorders is an Australian charitable foundation providing children in Cambodia with access to quality teaching and learning at school. It currently supports 11,000 Cambodian children in 50 primary schools and has trained 275 teachers, with 54 receiving additional training as mentors. Through the medium of primary mathematics Australian teachers give their Cambodian counterparts tools for teaching that are then easily integrated into the Cambodian classrooms. Preparatory workshops are recognised by the NSW Institute of Teachers as Institute Registered professional development, and the Institute also recognises the volunteers' facilitation of the workshops in Cambodia. Teachers outside NSW are welcome to apply and training for groups can be provided across Australia.

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Social-psychological interventions in education: they're not magic

David Yeager, Gregory Walton

Well-planned social-psychological interventions can enhance the learning of struggling students – Review of Educational Research.

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Stimulating policy uptake in schools

Rebecca Abbott, et al.

A study has evaluated the contribution of external facilitators to the success of a physical activity initiative for Queensland schools – Educational Management Administration and Leadership.

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Knowledge about language in the Australian Curriculum: English

Beverly Derewianka

The Language strand of the Australian Curriculum: English, applies a functional approach to grammar, focusing on how the use of language varies according to social context and purpose – Australian Journal of Language and Literacy.

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Tablet technology in the classroom

A trial in three Sydney schools has explored the benefits and challenges of using iPads for student learning – Scan.

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