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The next edition of Curriculum Leadership is scheduled to appear 20 July 2012, following term breaks in some jurisdictions.

Using a problem-solving approach to develop algebraic thinking

Will Windsor, Stephen Norton

Algebraic thinking is the activity of doing, thinking and talking about mathematics from a generalised and relational perspective. The traditional teaching of algebra, with its sudden introduction of pro-numeral symbolism and limited support to understand the meanings underpinning these letters, has been shown to confound many middle school students. One alternative approach is to introduce students to algebra through problem-solving tasks. Working on, representing and solving structurally related problems in a variety of ways can help to prepare students to think algebraically. This article reports on a research project that aimed to develop students' algebraic thinking through a generalised and relational perspective of mathematical problems.

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Formative assessment tools for inquiry mathematics

Kym Fry

Inquiry offers a promising way to develop students' mathematical learning, but poses challenges for assessment – 2011 MERGA Conference.

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Contested communities in a debate over dual-language education

Lisa Dorner

A study in the USA examines issues surrounding the introduction of a bilingual immersion program within a school district – Educational Policy.

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Measuring teaching using value-added modelling: the imperfect panacea

Jimmy Scherrer

There are several objections to using value-added modelling as the sole measure of teacher performance – NASSP Bulletin.

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School responses to students' challenging behaviour

Samia Michail

The most effective responses to challenging behaviour are multi-tiered and flexible, and build links between school, community and family – Improving Schools.

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