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Global perspectives in effective career development practices

Tony Watts

Exposed to the challenges of globalisation and new technology, organisations have become less willing to make long-term commitments to individuals. Career security now lies not in employment but in employability and a willingness to keep learning new skills, and this paradigm shift transforms the concept of career. A careers curriculum helps young people to meet the demands posed by this new environment, and helps them develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they require when planning their working lives. The article describes a range of issues schools will face when developing a contemporary careers curriculum. It is adapted from the author's keynote presentation at a recent forum on the Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework.

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The Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework

Careers and Transition Support Team DEECD 

Recently launched, the Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework provides a scaffold for educators and school leaders to develop a localised and customised career development program for young people. The Framework suggests relevant classroom activities and resources that deliver the career education learning outcomes for students in years 7–12, adult education and TAFE. It also provides sample advice on career education assessment for young people in years 7–10. An accompanying article in this edition outlines the rationale for attention to career development and for its inclusion in the curriculum.

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Aligning education with skills for citizenship

Celia Hannon

Citizenship education in schools needs to address the emerging challenges that today's young people will confront in their adult lives – CSE Seminar Series.

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Analysis and comprehension of multimodal texts

Ann Daly, Len Unsworth

A study in NSW has examined factors that influence primary students’ comprehension of multimodal texts – Australian Journal of Language and Literacy.

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