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Personalised learning revisited: is technology the answer?


This week Curriculum Leadership begins a series of articles on personalised learning. The first article considers Mark Treadwell's call for a new educational paradigm, based on the technology of the internet and the support it provides for a personalised approach to learning. For the first time, he says, teachers will be able to adjust the learning environment for each learner, incorporating appropriate contexts, media and conceptual approaches. The article also looks at the five key competencies of personalised learning that have been developed in Britain by the Department of Education and Skills, before turning to a further expert, David Hargreaves, and his presentation of issues surrounding personalised learning.

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Accountability through high-stakes testing and curriculum change

Judy Smeed

The author of a Queensland study finds that high-stakes tests tend to narrow the school curriculum, but asks if this is ‘necessarily a bad thing’ – Leading and Managing.

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NAPLAN: it's a useful tool in your professional toolbox

Jo-Anne Dooner

NAPLAN test data is very valuable for its ability to inform teaching, but problems emerge when it is used to compare schools – Teacher.

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