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Students talk about good mathematics teachers

Catherine Attard

What are the qualities of a ‘good’ mathematics teacher? A group of 20 students in Year 6 were asked their opinions as part of a longitudinal study in NSW. The same study followed the students into the first two years of secondary school. The research identified the interpersonal teaching and learning relationships between teachers and students as the most important contributor to students’ engagement with maths. They engaged well when positive relationships with their teachers were in place, and when curriculum arrangements were conducive to those relationships. By contrast, it was difficult for students to remain engaged when they lacked positive interactions with teachers, even when the teaching was otherwise high-quality and was supported by innovative curriculum and school design.

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Capabilities for the 21st century

Paula Christophersen

A curriculum expert reports on key presentations from the New Millenium Learners Conference – ICT in Education.

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The myth of pink and blue brains

Lise Eliot

A neuroscientist suggests ways to improve the learning and development of both girls and boys – Educational Leadership.

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Enhancing students literacy comprehension using NAPLAN data

John Munro

Teachers can apply NAPLAN test data to improve students’ reading comprehension, at primary and secondary level and across all subject areas – CSE Seminar Series.

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Academic vocabulary intervention for linguistically diverse students

Nonie K Lesaux, Michael J Kieffer, S Elisabeth Faller, Joan G Kelley

A program in the USA offers a promising way to enhance students’ knowledge of academically important words, and has been found effective with language minority students – Reading Research Quarterly.

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