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Merging fact with fiction

Louisa Tomas

Recent research suggests that students' scientific literacy may be improved by having them participate in short story writing tasks on scientific themes. In a recent study, the author investigated the learning experiences of Year 9 students as they wrote a series of short stories that merge scientific information about the socioscientific issue of biosecurity with narrative storylines. Participation in the study enhanced students' familiarity with biosecurity issues, helped them to develop a deeper understanding of related biological concepts, and strengthened their interest in science and their perceptions of the value of science, for themselves and for society as a whole.

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New secondary diploma to meet students' workplace needs

Deirdre Jackson

The National Diploma of Education offers a new vocational option for senior secondary students – Research Developments.

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Facebook and other Pandora's boxes

Anne Weaver

Schools and school libraries should give careful consideration to the opportunities and risks associated with the use of social media in schools – Access.

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Becoming curious about cats: a collaborative writing project

Stephanie Dix, Liz Amoore

Grade 3 students in a New Zealand classroom develop their writing proficiency through the scaffolded study of high-quality children's literature – Australian Journal of Language and Literacy.

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Computer programming for children

Young-Jin Lee

A new educational tool looks promising as a way of teaching computer programming to children – Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia.

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