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This issue of Curriculum Leadership is the last for 2011. The journal team thanks readers for their continuing support, and wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday break.

Using student assessment for professional learning


The principles and practices of formative assessment are widely used to improve the learning outcomes of students. Students' learning may also be improved when these same principles and practices are used to guide their teachers' professional learning. This article has been adapted from the paper Using student assessment for professional learning: focusing on student outcomes to identify teachers' needs, commissioned and published by the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. The paper sets out a model for teacher professional learning, in which teachers conduct a cycle of inquiry that combines formative assessment of their students' work with the pursuit of their own professional development.

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Examining differentiated instruction: teachers respond

Brenda Logan

The author discusses issues surrounding differentiated instruction in the middle years of schooling – Research in Higher Education Journal.

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Increasing the value of physical education in schools and communities

Thaddeus J France, Michelle Moosbrugger, Gretchen Brockmeyer

Community-based physical education (CBPE) offers a promising way to increase the relevance and recognition of PE within schools and school communities – JOPERD.

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History in the Australian Curriculum F–10

Deborah Henderson

The article examines the Australian Curriculum: History, and introduces several other contributions to the topic in Curriculum Perspectives.

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Using a learning and teaching approach to writing, in the context of NAPLAN

John Munro

Teachers can apply the writing criteria set out in NAPLAN tests to advance students' knowledge, skills and understandings as writers – CSE Occasional Papers.

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