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Social media and schools as professional learning communities

Kay Cantwell

Social media is burgeoning, and is not going to go away. These media can be harnessed to advance schools as learning communities. The article considers the ways in which social networking tools may be used to overcome some of the obstacles schools face when attempting to develop a professional learning culture. It then examines a key social media service, Twitter, and the ways in which it may help educators to build a personal learning network. The article also looks briefly at some other useful tools. For schools to be considered professional learning communities, they must increasingly orient themselves within the wider world beyond the classroom walls. Social media provides the channels for this open communication to occur. It is through adopting new modes of accessing, sharing and creating information that teachers and students will be able to work together to transform education for the 21st century.

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Social networking, games and simulations as educational tools

The social media and other technology tools offer promising ways to develop students' literacy, research skills, technological skills and capacity for critical analysis – ISQ Briefings.

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Outside in and inside out: pre-service teacher training

Karen J Kindle, Cynthia M Schmidt

To develop into effective teachers of disadvantaged students, pre-service teachers develop from the 'outside in' by acquiring knowledge and skills, and from the 'inside out' as they acquire the dispositions and identity needed for an educator of the underprivileged – Teacher Education Quarterly.

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A lived curriculum in two languages

Simone Smala, Kate Sutherland

Bilingual immersion programs in Queensland and the ACT have been found to provide an effective means to develop students' global competencies – Curriculum Perspectives.

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Middle years' interdisciplinary learning and the Australian history curriculum

Mallihai Tambyah

The article examines the relative merits of teaching middle years history as a separate or an interdisciplinary subject – Curriculum Perspectives.

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