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Accommodating Indigenous students' cultural resources in science classrooms

Philemon Chigeza

The author takes two Year 9 science classes, composed entirely of Torres Strait Islander students, at a school in Far North Queensland. In 2007 and 2008 he introduced elements of Indigenous language and culture into the classes, and conducted a study measuring their impact on students' science learning. These resources include storytelling, ceremony, songs and ritual, as well as the diversity of their languages and dialects through which the students communicate and share knowledge. The article describes some ways in which these students' multiple strengths were brought to bear during four learning activities based around the concepts of energy and force.

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Racism in Australian schools

Rosalyn Black, Lucas Walsh

Schools are affected by racism in society but can also play a key role in reducing it – CSE Occasional Papers.

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The myth of charter schools

Diane Ravitch

The US documentary Waiting for 'Superman' contains serious and misleading criticisms of the country's public school system, while exaggerating the benefits of semi-independent charter schools – NY Review of Books.

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Developing reading comprehension: combining visual and verbal cognitive processes

Gary Woolley

Young readers' skills in comprehension can be improved through strategies that improve their use of working memory – Australian Journal of Language and Literacy.

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New media and literacies: amateurs vs professionals

Tibor Koltay

The uncertain quality of content on the interactive web requires the development of strong information and media literacy among professionals, academics and students – firstmonday.

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