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Exceptional teachers for disadvantaged schools

Jo Lampert, Bruce Burnett

The Exceptional Teachers for Disadvantaged Schools project is an innovative way to prepare high-quality teachers for employment in low-SES schools. The program, based at Queensland University of Technology, offers a specialised curriculum, designed to equip high-achieving pre-service teachers for work in the schools that need them most. Selected pre-service teachers at QUT are invited to take part in the trial course, based on their academic performance over the first two years of their four-year Bachelor of Education degree, and on a demonstrated commitment to social justice. These participants undertake a modified version of QUT's B Ed on-campus curriculum. They have their practicum/field experience at one of a range of disadvantaged schools throughout Queensland which have agreed to partner with QUT in the program. The ETDS does not apply a deficit model, rather it is explicitly centred on the pursuit of students' academic excellence.

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Six common lesson planning pitfalls

Karrie Jones, Jennifer Jones, Paul Vermette

The authors draw on their experience of teacher education to suggest ways in which pre-service and beginning teachers can avoid commonly found mistakes in lesson planning – Education.

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Transitioning from the early to middle years in a multiliterate environment

Lisbeth Kitson

A study examines how one year 4 teacher used IWBs to develop her students' multiliteracies – Literacy Learning: the Middle Years.

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A snapshot of writing instruction in middle schools and high schools

Arthur Applebee, Judith Langer

The article compares results of two US studies on writing instruction, to provide a sense of changes in instructional practice over the last 30 years – English Journal.

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13 for thirteen-year-olds

Laura Robb

A range of strategies may be used to enhance the reading skills of middle school students – Instructor.

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