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The next edition of Curriculum Leadership is scheduled to appear 22 July 2011, following term breaks in some jurisdictions.

The Early Career Teacher Support Project

Catholic Education South Australia  

New educators arrive in schools excited and motivated, but are then confronted by classroom situations which they haven't experienced and may not have considered when they decided to become professional educators. Simply surviving in the classroom becomes an issue for many graduate teachers. At the same time, teacher-employing authorities are concerned to retain these early career teachers, particularly in country locations. Effective support must be provided to new teachers, to maintain their love of teaching and learning and retain their expertise in schools. The Early Career Teacher Support Project assists educators in the first and second year of teaching within South Australia's Catholic school sector. Two consultants support approximately 400 early career teachers, as well as the teachers and school leaders who nurture and develop the new teachers. Induction and formation for graduate teachers is one of a number of initiatives offered by Catholic Education SA to support teachers in the early part of their careers.

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Transitions in and out of teaching

John Buchanan

Ex-teachers in NSW reflect on their experiences in schools and their transitions into and out of the profession, as part of a study into teacher attrition – Curriculum Perspectives.

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Generalist primary teachers and PE

Andrew Bennie, Ben Still

A recent study examines issues affecting the teaching of PE by generalist primary teachers within the NSW public system – 2011 ACHPER conference paper.

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Choosing the wrong drivers for whole-system reform

Michael Fullan

The key strategies driving education reform in Australia and the USA should be subordinated to alternative drivers that promise to be more effective – CSE Seminar Series.

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Schools rise to a 'can do better' challenge

Caroline Milburn

The Northern Metropolitan Region of Victoria's public school system has substantially improved its performance through locally-led professional development supported by expert coaching – The Age.

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