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Changing leadership through evolving literacy pedagogies

Geoff Bull, Michele Anstey

Gilson College is an Independent P-12 Seventh Day Adventist School of approximately 700 students. Last year the leadership team decided to reorient their management style and skills. At the same time, they wished to improve literacy teaching practices across subject areas and year levels, and expand teachers' knowledge about literacy, particularly in relation to multiliteracies and multimodal texts. The authors were invited to assist with this project, based on their experience in helping school executives to manage change and implement new forms of literacy teaching. In this article, the authors describe the school's development of a professional learning culture, and the implementation of a new approach to literacy with an emphasis on multiliteracies pedagogy.

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Multiliteracies action research at Gilson College: our journey 2010 – 2011

Sandra England

In the second of two articles on Gilson College, the school's Learning and Teaching Coordinator P-10 describes a change of course in their professional learning journey. They began to move from a top-down approach toward more active involvement of middle-level leaders and teachers. At the same, the school introduced a new focus on developing literacy pedagogy across all learning areas from P-12. The changes were implemented through action research projects centred on multiliteracies learning.

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Finding a book for Jamal

Amma Akrofi, Jeanne Swafford, Carole Janisch

Researchers recommend books for use in the home when a child is struggling to read – Reading Psychology.

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Effective ways to implement healthy lifestyle programs

Ross Williams

Teachers in a remote area of WA identify reasons for the success of a school-based health promotion program  – ACHPER 2011 conference proceedings.

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