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Curriculum Leadership now fortnightly

Curriculum Leadership journal has moved to fortnightly publication. The next edition of the journal is scheduled to appear 13 May 2011. The move responds to feedback from the recent reader survey, in which respondents indicated a clear preference for a fortnightly schedule. 

ICT, constructivist teaching and 21st century learning

Joanne Orlando

This article reports on longitudinal research investigating teachers' use of ICT in the classroom. The study, involving five teachers at primary and secondary schools in New South Wales, looked in particular at how and why ICT was incorporated into the participants' teaching practices over time. The participants clearly developed their use and understanding of ICT over the five years of the study, but did not adopt constructivist styles of practice in their use of ICT, as is often expected of teachers. They largely held to teacher-centred practices, but had nevertheless incorporated ICT into their teaching in ways which reflected knowledge needed for today's society.

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Shifting perspectives about grammar: changing what and how we teach

Deborah Dean

The author describes changing approaches to grammar instruction, drawing on her own extensive teaching experience – English Journal.

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Implementing a new science National Curriculum for England

Rob Toplis, Charles Golabek, Anne Cleaves

Pre-service teachers in England offer feedback on reforms to the secondary science curriculum – The Curriculum Journal.

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Assessing teachers for professional certification: achieving national consistency

Lawrence C Ingvarson

The implementation of national teaching standards poses a number of challenges – Professional Educator.

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FIT Choice: attracting and sustaining 'fit' teachers in the profession

Helen M G Watt, Paul Richardson

A major longitudinal study is tracking the pre-service and in-service careers of teachers in Australia, the USA and other countries, investigating the factors that attract candidates to teaching and retain them in the profession – Professional Educator.

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