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Children's unsupervised outdoor activity

Julie Rudner

Unsupervised outdoor activity plays an important role in children's personal and social development, and their ability to manage the urban environment. However, children now have less unsupervised outdoor activity than in the past, and less physical activity overall. They travel shorter distances and are less likely to walk or ride to school on their own. The decline in unsupervised activity reflects, in part, parents' anxiety about risks such as traffic accidents, stranger danger and bullying, but parental concerns themselves could be seen to reflect a more general shift in thinking at the level of public policy. This article reports on recent research on the impact that changing conceptions of risk have had on children's independent mobility, and considers implications for educators.

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Embedding comprehension within reading acquisition processes

Janet Scull

A study examines how skilled Reading Recovery teachers help struggling young readers, and shows that decoding and comprehension are closely intertwined in the learning process – AJLL.

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Media education without tears

Lee Burton

Newspapers, magazines, and comics can be used to improve students' literacy and critical literacy – Screen Education.

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Laser focus on content strengthens teacher teams

David Slavit, Tamara Holmlund Nelson, Anne Kennedy

The PRiSSM project showed how professional learning communities can develop maths and science content for middle and secondary years – JSD.

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Principals + algebra (-fear) = instructional leadership

Cynthia L Carver, Michael Steele, Beth Herbel-Eisenmann

An intensive course equips secondary school principals in the USA to improve their ability to lead instruction of middle years' algebra in their schools – JSD.

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