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AVID: targeting under-represented youth for university entrance

William DeJean, Sally Knipe

AVID is a systemic program that prepares students in years 6–12 for tertiary education at the end of their high school studies. Most students who enrol in AVID are young people from low socio-economic backgrounds. Students are targeted during the middle years by teachers in the participating school, and are systemically supported throughout high school to gain entry into university. Students who participate in AVID are placed in the most rigorous courses the middle school or high school offers. The program provides them with tutors to help them through this challenging coursework, and the tutors are trained in the AVID curriculum, which is designed to offer the academic assistance needed for success in these classes. The program also provides professional development to existing teachers, leaders and counsellors at their school.

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New directions for teacher preparation

Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Christine Power

Ten trends are shaping teacher preparation programs in the USA – Educational Leadership.

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Learning to be political: new English headteachers' roles

Gary M. Crow, Dick Weindling

Interviews with four primary principals shed light on the types of political issue confronted by new school leaders in England – Education Policy.

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Developing middle managers who make a difference

Brett Foster

Principals should support Key Learning Area Coordinators to make a transition from administrators to leaders of learning in their subject –The Australian Educational Leader.

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The creative arts and educational outcomes for boys

Laura Scholes, Michael Nagel

Participation in the arts may be of particular benefit to boys from disadvantaged backgrounds, but to realise these benefits schools need to challenge gender stereotypes about subject areas – Curriculum Perspectives.

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