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Choosing science

Terry Lyons, Frances Quinn

The last two decades have seen significant declines in the proportions of high school students choosing senior physics, chemistry or biology courses in Australia. The recently published Choosing Science study attempts to understand factors contributing to these declines. In particular it investigates influences on Year 10 students' decisions about taking science subjects in Year 11, on the basis of large-scale national surveys of Year 10 students and secondary science teachers. The survey results have challenged some commonly held explanations for the declines in enrolments. On the other hand, they highlight the impact of expanded subject choice in post-compulsory schooling. In this new, competitive environment, several long-term factors associated with school science are now working to deter enrolments in these subjects at senior level.

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Would you want to talk to a scientist at a party?

Judith Bennett, Sylvia Hogarth

Reasons for students' declining attitudes toward science between the ages of 11 and 16 are examined – International Journal of Science Education.

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Trainee science teachers' subject knowledge and self-confidence

Vanessa Kind

Strong subject matter knowledge needs to be supported by appropriate pedagogical content knowledge – International Journal of Science Education.

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The challenges for history in the new curriculum

Stuart Macintyre

The author explains the rationale underlying the draft history curriculum, and its current state of development – EQ Australia.

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The centrality of teachers' judgement practice in assessment

Claire Wyatt-Smith, Val Klenowski, Stephanie Gunn

A study has examined how a group of Queensland teachers applied standards to assess student work during the moderation process – Assessment in Education.

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