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Literacy Lessons for Logan Learners: A Smart Education Partnerships Project


A research project in south east Queensland is testing a model of school improvement that focuses on literacy innovation in the middle years of schooling. The Literacy Lessons for Logan Learners (LL4LL) Project is addressing the needs of some of Queensland's most challenged schools, by improving teachers' capacity to help students from diverse cultural, linguistic and/or socio-economic backgrounds. Participating students have made impressive gains on reading comprehension tests, and there have been simultaneous gains in terms of building teacher capacity and establishing professional learning communities. The project is also developing a process for school improvement that may be of value to other Australian schools serving disadvantaged communities.

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Using value-added measures to evaluate teachers

Jane L David

An education expert contrasts the benefits and drawbacks of value-added and traditional methods for judging teachers' performance – Educational Leadership.

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Is the supply of mathematics and science teachers sufficient?

Richard M. Ingersoll, David Perda

A study has found that teacher shortages in the USA are not nation-wide, but are rather concentrated in particular schools and areas – American Educational Research Journal

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Middle year students talk: science sux or science rocks!

Katrina Elliott, Kathy Paige

Feedback from Year 9 science students suggests ways that schools can improve students' engagement with the subject, while also pointing to wider social forces that influence students' subject choices – Teaching Science.

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Can education be a research based profession?

Ben Levin

An education expert in Canada examines the links between research and practice in school education – The Australian Educational Leader.

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