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Smart Green Schools

Clare Newton

Today there is a widespread desire to create more flexible and diverse settings for students' learning, to align school architecture with new opportunities for networking through ICT, with moves toward cross-disciplinary study and with the shift in the teacher's role from knowledge provider to learning facilitator. The Smart Green Schools project is examining these issues in relation to the middle school environment. The project has focused on four Victorian schools, three secondary and one primary, offering innovative learning spaces and environmentally responsible and pedagogically sensitive design. The research has highlighted the value of involving school staff and students in the decisions about the spaces and furnishings used for learning in schools.

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Changing roles, relationships and responsibilities in changing times

Rosie Le Cornu

The past two decades have seen changes in how the professional experience components of teacher education courses in Australia are constructed – Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education.

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Recognizing different kinds of "head starts"

Marjorie Faulstich Orellana, Jacqueline D'warte

The authors highlight the benefits of a social view of literacy, where students acquire a 'repertoire of practices' able to be used in a variety of social contexts.

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New schools: an Australian case study

Zeffie Nicholas

The case study of a new Catholic secondary school in western Sydney highlights the challenges faced by schools during their set-up and first years of operation – Leading and Managing.

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Neophyte leaders' views on leadership preparation and succession in New Zealand

Reynold Macpherson

The article describes findings from the second stage of a review into strategies to improve the leadership skills in New Zealand schools – Leading and Managing.

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