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Professional learning for IBL in the middle years

Craig Cummings

A growing body of literature supports Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) as a means to improve students' engagement and active participation in their education, and as a way to equip students for employment and social participation in the modern world. However, the introduction of an IBL curriculum raises significant challenges for teachers. This article describes the introduction of a middle years IBL program at a large public school in Victoria, and its development over three years, focusing on the impact of the IBL unit on the professional learning experiences of the school's middle years team. The project has generated significant shifts in the professional learning culture within the team. Its members have increasingly generated their own professional learning, and have disseminated their new knowledge within and beyond the school.

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Readers' theater

Rachel Clark, Timothy Morrison, Brad Wilcox

Having students read out play scripts, playing roles matched to their individual literacy levels, has proved an effective way to develop reading fluency – Reading Psychology.

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Improving assessment of learning and for learning

Wynne Harlen

There is substantial evidence that teachers' judgements of student performance are more valid than tests, and just as reliable, for purposes of summative assessment – Education 3-13.

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Teachers' continuing professional development and higher education

Andrew Green

A study has examined the continuing professional development needs and preferences of secondary English teachers in Britain – Changing English.

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Responding to the needs of the whole child: a case study of a high-performing school

Margary Martin, Edward Fergus, Pedro A. Noguera

A disadvantaged primary school in the USA has achieved extremely high levels of academic success through an orientation to community involvement and an emphasis on the 'whole child' – Reading & Writing Quarterly.

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