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Helping teachers to explore multimodal texts

Michèle Anstey, Geoff Bull

Current definitions of literacy frequently refer to multimedia and multimodal texts, and there are references to such materials throughout the draft version of the new national English curriculum. It is therefore timely to consider how teachers can become familiar with and confident in their use of multimodal texts in the classroom. The authors identify areas of professional learning of particular value for integrating multimodal texts into classroom practice and suggest ways to introduce professional learning in schools.

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Student-accessible science texts: elements of design

Erin M. McTigue, Scott W. Slough

Shifts in the design of science textbooks call for new measures to judge their accessibility to students – Reading Psychology.

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Seeking a new deal on dyslexia

Elisabeth Tarica

Measures are needed to help teachers recognise and support students with dyslexia – The Age.

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Meaning-making and justification in maths teaching

Karin Brodie

Secondary maths teachers have to make subtle decisions as they seek to get the most out of students' contributions to class discussion – Journal of Curriculum Studies.

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The short supply of saints: limits on replication of models that 'beat the odds'

Tamara Wilder, Rebecca Jacobsen

Schools that 'beat the odds' often place extreme time demands on their teachers, resulting in high levels of burnout and turnover – Reading & Writing Quarterly.

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