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Educating parents: partnerships for literacy success

Debbie Martens, Kelly Hannett

U-CAN READ is a literacy intervention for struggling readers in Years 3–10 in the ACT. The program aims to provide parents with the strategies and knowledge they need to advance their children's literacy development now and in the future. Approximately 100 families participate in U-CAN READ annually. The children in the program have all been identified by their schools as performing two years or more below the reading achievement levels of their peers. The program has had significant success in improving students' literacy outcomes, in increasing students' desire to read, and in reducing the anxiety parents have felt while helping with their children's reading. U-CAN READ is a collaboration between the ACT Department of Education and Training and the University of Canberra.

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An Australian history curriculum for Asia literacy

Anthony Milner

Attention to Asia within the new national history curriculum will help to deepen students' understanding of Australia's own history, as well as preparing them to engage with the region – Primary and Middle Years' Educator.

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Towards a framework for leadership coaching

Donald Wise, Amber Jacobo

A framework for leadership coaching to benefit leaders and schools is outlined – School Leadership Management.

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