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Digital participation, digital literacy and schools

Cassie Hague, Ben Williamson

Digital literacy refers to the skills, knowledge and understanding required to use new technology and media to create and share meaning. This week's article is adapted from the British report Digital participation, digital literacy, and school subjects: a review of the policies, literature and evidence, published by the Futurelab organisation. The article discusses students' current levels of digital literacy; literacy as it relates to information and the media; the relevance of multiliteracies and critical literacy; issues surrounding the use of technology in schools; and professional development requirements for educators.

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Young carers' experiences of school in Australia

Tim Moore, Morag McArthur

Many school students are responsible for the personal care of family members, impacting on school performance – Australian Journal of Education.

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Developing students' ability to engage critically with science in the news

Ruth Jarman, Billy McClune

A survey examines the knowledge, skills and habits of mind valuable for engaging with science-related news stories in the media – The Curriculum Journal.

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