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Problem solving in the Australian mathematics curriculum

Judy Anderson

Problem solving is recognised as an important life skill involving a range of processes including analysing, interpreting, reasoning, predicting, evaluating and reflecting. Developing successful problem solvers is a complex task requiring a range of skills and dispositions. Students need deep mathematical knowledge and general reasoning ability as well as heuristic strategies for solving non-routine problems. It is also necessary to have helpful beliefs and personal attributes for organising and directing their efforts, and students require good communication skills and the ability to work in cooperative groups. As Australia continues the process of developing a national curriculum, it is important to learn from other countries about the best approach for including problem solving in the curriculum and for supporting implementation by teachers.

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Orchestrating 'the end' of mathematics lessons

Jill Cheeseman

The changed nature of school mathematics should be reflected in a new approach to the conclusion of primary maths classes – Prime Number.

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A case-study of one teacher's use of an IWB

Rosemary Deaney, Arthur Chapman, Sara Hennessy

A secondary history teacher in Britain makes exemplary use of an interactive white board to develop his Year 8 students' content and disciplinary knowledge – The Curriculum Journal.

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