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St Mary’s involvement in the Linking Schools and Early Years project

Richard Mucha

This week Curriculum Leadership publishes the second of two articles on the Victorian-based Linking Schools and Early Years project, which aims to ensure that children enter formal education ready to learn and develop. An earlier feature article gave an overview of the project. This week’s article describes the implementation and impact of the project at one of the participating schools, St Mary’s, a small Catholic primary in semi-rural Hastings.

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Rigor and relevance

James R. Stone III, Corinne Alfeld, Donna Pearson

A US pilot study has investigated ways to enhance the mathematical knowledge of secondary students in VET courses through collaboration between VET and maths teachers – American Educational Research Journal.

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Attraction and retention of teachers to non-metropolitan schools

Sandra Frid, Melanie Smith, Len Sparrow, Sue Trinidad

Results from a survey of pre-service primary teachers in WA challenge some common views on how to attract and hold teachers in rural and remote schools – Education in Rural Australia.

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Transforming learning with interactive whiteboards

Trudy Sweeney

A five-part framework gauges how far teachers have developed their technological and pedagogical skills in using IWBs – Australian Educational Computing.

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Transforming schooling with support from portable computing

A program to provide laptops to all students at a Western Australian public middle school has been found to improve the use of ICT for learning – Australian Educational Computing.

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