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This issue of Curriculum Leadership is the last for 2009. The next edition is scheduled to appear 5 February 2010. The journal team thanks readers for their continuing support, and wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday break.

Accessing grammar in senior secondary English

Jean Mulder, Caroline Thomas

This paper argues that an educationally meaningful approach to the teaching and learning of grammar within English involves incorporating both a diverse range of knowledge and awareness about language and contextualising it within actual language use and real-world texts. In rethinking approaches to grammar, the authors contend that it is important not to 'chuck out' present teaching approaches with their emphasis on language as communication, but to combine the explicit teaching of grammar with the study of language, and to ensure that each grammatical concept is introduced within the context of a particular aspect of language use.

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Connections between oral language and beginning reading

Susan Hill, Nicola Launder

A study at a South Australian primary school has examined ways to assist the literacy development of diverse, disadvantaged students in their first year of school – Bridging Divides conference.

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Investigating comprehension instruction

Linda Kugan

Examining transcripts of classroom discussions can give teachers better ways to help students explain, connect and question information in texts – Reading Psychology.

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A critical analysis of the national education agenda

Alan Reid

The Australian Government's agenda for school education is examined in terms of official policy, stated aims, funding, curriculum and accountability measures – 2009 ACSA Conference.

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How does Gen Y use technology for learning?

Barbara Combes

The notion that modern youth are 'tech-savvy' has been tested in recent research that carries implications for school education – Synergy.

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