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Mathematics and numeracy

Special feature 

Mathematical knowledge and numeracy inform decision making in personal and community life, and contribute to the study of several other disciplines; mathematics is also one of the core subject areas to be covered in the forthcoming national curriculum in Australia. This week Curriculum Leadership publishes a summary of material that has appeared in the journal over the last five years on issues surrounding the teaching and learning of numeracy and the subject area of mathematics at primary and secondary levels. Issues include the role of technology in maths teaching and the question of whether students should be grouped by ability levels.

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Encouraging girls to pursue math and science

Tracey A. Huebner

Schools can help to overcome the factors that hold girls back from careers in maths and science – Educational Leadership.

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Using diagrams

Marilena Pantziara, Athanasios Gagatsis, Iliada Elia

A study examines the role of diagrams as tools for the solution of non-routine mathematical problems by Grade 6 students – Educational Studies in Mathematics.

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Urban primary school headship in England

Simon Pratt-Adams, Meg Maguire

Principals of disadvantaged schools describe the factors that have allowed them to survive challenging environments – Critical Studies in Education.

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Creating enabling classroom practices in high poverty contexts

Debra Hayes, Ken Johnston, Ann King

Adherence to classroom 'scripts' may be influencing the educational opportunities of learners in disadvantaged schools – Pedagogy, Culture and Society.

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