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Science education for global citizenship

David Geelan

Students need to leave our schools able to understand the nature of science – what it means to make a scientific claim, what evidence is relevant to supporting such a claim and how to critically evaluate that evidence – and the relationships between science, technology and society. The Curricular Emphases model of science education facilitates this kind of planning and teaching. It can be applied to all year levels and may be especially helpful for beginning teachers and those with fairly limited science backgrounds. It offers a way to make science relevant and engaging for all students, without 'dumbing down' the subject, and delivers a full science curriculum.

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STELR: improving science retention rates in Australian secondary schools

Alan Finkel, Peter Pentland, Peter Hubber, et al.

A trial program for secondary schools aims to improve scientific literacy and the quality of science education, and raise the number of students who go on to pursue careers in science and engineering – Teaching Science.

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Using ICT for 'hard to teach' topics in science

Malcolm Oakes

Technology facilitates the teaching of challenging topics in school science – Education in Science.

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Advertising in 'tween' magazines

Lisa Kervin, Jessica Mantei

The intensity and subtlety of advertising pitched to the 6–13 age group deserves critical inquiry in primary as well as secondary classrooms – Bridging Divides conference.

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Teaching the nation's story: history education in Australia and Canada

Anna Clark

Students should be challenged with complex ideas and contrasting perspectives on their nation's history – Journal of Curriculum Studies.

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