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How Victorian Government schools have improved student performance

DEECD Victoria 

Signposts, a major program of research, has investigated the practices of selected high-performing Victorian schools. The schools, catering to students from a variety of social backgrounds, have shown consistent gains in student achievement over a sustained period. The research, undertaken by the State's Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, identified an interconnected package of strategies that are preconditions for any substantial program of improvement to take hold in a school.

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Instructional processes and student understandings in writing classrooms

Helen S. Timperley, Judy M. Parr

The writing lessons of 15 primary teachers are examined for the quality of the teachers' instructional goals, and how well they were conveyed – The Curriculum Journal.

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Addressing the educational challenges faced by African refugee background students

Rhonda Oliver, Yvonne Haig, Ellen Grote

Teachers of African refugee children require greater support to meet the needs of these highly disadvantaged students – TESOL in Context.

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'Authentic' learning experiences: what does this mean and where is the literacy learning?

Jessica Mantei, Lisa Kervin

The work of four experienced primary teachers illustrates the nature of authentic literacy learning and how it can be implemented in the classroom – Bridging Divides conference.

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Making sense of an everyday science text: linguistic, visual and spatial design

Dale Minchenton, Beryl Exley

When examining the science in everyday texts, students need to draw on linguistic, visual and spatial literacies – Bridging Divides conference.

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