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Please note that the next issue of Curriculum Leadership journal is scheduled to appear 9 October 2009.

Digital Divas

Julie Fisher, Catherine Lang, Helen J. Forgasz, Annemieke Craig

Digital Divas is a single-sex elective offered to female Year 8 students at Brentwood Secondary School in Glen Waverley, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. First trialled in 2008, the program continued this year, and has been oversubscribed by girls wanting to enrol. The program involves four 48-minute teaching periods each week over one semester. The students participate in group work around creative and interesting activities using multimedia and spreadsheet applications, aided by informal mentoring from female university students undertaking ICT degrees. There are also regular presentations from young women working in a variety of areas within the field of ICT, an approach designed to demonstrate the diverse career pathways available. The speakers are encouraged to talk about their own secondary school experiences and the factors influencing their career choices.

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Fostering creativity in primary physical education

Gerald Griggs

A model for the encouragement of creativity in learning is applied to physical education in the primary years – Education 3-13.

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Unfulfilled hopes in education for equity: redesigning the high school maths curriculum

Lecretia A. Buckley

A case study examines the unintended equity-related consequences of one school's attempts to reform its mathematics curriculum – Journal of Curriculum Studies.

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Integrating computer-based learning tools in science curricula

Nicos Papadouris, Constantinos Constantinou

ICT can assist science learning by increasing the range of topics that can be explored, the types of data that can be collected about them, and the variety of ways they can be displayed and communicated, but there are significant difficulties in the effective application of ICT to science learning – Journal of Curriculum Studies.

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The beliefs and practices of an effective primary science teacher

Angela Fitzgerald, Vaille Dawson, Mark W. Hackling

The beliefs and practices of an effective primary science teacher are examined as part of a wider study – Teaching Science.

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