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Mobile phones and student learning in secondary schools

Elizabeth Hartnell-Young, Nadja Heym

The evolving technological capacities of mobile phones invite use for educational purposes. As well as allowing communication by voice and text and capturing still and moving images, recent 'smart phones' allow users to view PDFs, spreadsheets and word-processed files, and possess additional features such as a stopwatch and a GPS. However, mobile phones have usually been seen by schools as disruptive rather than useful. A research project undertaken by the University of Nottingham has explored the use of mobile phones to support secondary students' learning.

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The principal's role in teacher retention

Kathleen M Brown, Susan R Wynn

A US research project has investigated the leadership styles of principals in schools that are in disadvantaged settings but have low rates of teacher attrition and transfer – Leadership and Policy in Schools.

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Vice-principalship: their responsibility roles and career aspirations

John Chi-Kin Lee, Paula Kwan, Allan Walker

The gap between vice-principals' ideal and actual roles must be addressed – International Journal of Leadership in Education.

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Teaching argument writing to 7- to 14-year-olds

Richard Andrews, Carole Torgerson, Graham Low, Nick McGuinn

Researchers review recent literature on how to teach persuasive writing to students in the middle years – Cambridge Journal of Education.

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Degeeking science

Andrew Smith

Classroom science teachers have a crucial role to play in the spread of scientific thinking in the community, through teaching that interests and connects with a wide range of students – Labtalk.

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