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Introducing robotics education to the classroom

Ian Maud

Robotics lends itself to the applied, real-life problems found in project-based tasks. It allows self-directed, challenge-based learning rather than simply absorbing and regurgitating facts. Many traditional topics can be taught by 'stealth' using robotics. There are no winners or losers in this type of learning: all groups have the opportunity to improve their designs and knowledge, and students will come to appreciate there is no single 'right' solution to many problems.

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Authentic scientific inquiry and school science

Anne Hume

Science students need more exposure to the ill-defined, open-ended problems faced by working scientists – Teaching Science.

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Teachers taking charge of their PD

Russell Tytler, David Symington, Cliff Malcolm, Valda Kirkwood

A study investigates the professional development needs of rural teachers in maths, science and technology in Victorian public schools – Teaching Science.

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Stepping up

Judy Adamson

Schools can help to raise university completion rates, but only as part of a wider social and community effort – Education Review.

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Reinventing schools that keep teachers in teaching

Deborah Meier

An experienced school leader in the USA describes successful measures for retaining teachers – Rethinking Schools.

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