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Educational leadership: key challenges and ethical tensions

Patrick Duignan

The author summarises the findings of a three-year study, undertaken by a team of researchers from the Australian Catholic University, on the ethical issues facing contemporary educational leaders. A challenge for educational leaders is to build cultures of capability where all organisational members have a sense that they are valued and that they contribute to the leadership of the organisation. The ultimate challenge for leaders is to develop their own and others’ capabilities so that their organisations can flourish in complex, uncertain, unpredictable and rapidly changing environments.

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Service-Learning, combining community service and involvement with academic study, is attracting interest from Australian schools – ISQ Briefings.

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Six, going on sixteen

Geralyn Bywater McLaughlin

Groups of US educators are developing ways to revive children's participation in traditional games and toys that promote creativity, problem solving and social skills, as alternatives to mass-marketed products – Rethinking Schools.

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The case for collaborative assessment

Laurie Brady

Collaborative assessment, determined jointly between individual students, peers and the teacher, deserves wide adoption in schools – Curriculum and Teaching.

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Strategies to ameliorate teacher stress

Joel Roache

School leaders can provide a range of strategies and processes to help their staff deal with stress in the workplace – Leadership in Focus.

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