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Implementing a context-based approach in chemistry

Donna King

Context-based chemistry is a new teaching approach which applies the concepts studied to contexts relevant to students. In Queensland a syllabus adopting a context-based approach to Years 11 and 12 Chemistry has been piloted over the last five years in selected classrooms. This article reports on a study evaluating the success of the pilot. The study offers significant support for the value of context-based chemistry in the senior secondary years, while also noting the challenges that the new approach presents for students, teachers and parents.

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ICT in secondary school science

Linda Baggot la Velle, Jocelyn Wishart, Angela McFarlane, et al.

A project in England examines the advantages and limitations of virtual simulations in school science practicals – Research in Science and Technological Education.

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History in the making

Kim Cotton

A program in at a NSW school aims to improve the literacy and numeracy of Indigenous students and integrate local Aboriginal knowledge in teaching practices – Side by Side.

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Disciplining the mind

Veronica Boix Mansilla, Howard Gardner

True disciplinary thinking in a subject area takes students beyond facts and formulae to equip them with the deep knowledge and flexibility they will need in the modern world – Educational Leadership.

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Australia's standing in international tests

Sue Thomson

The PISA 2006 evaluation shows that Australian students continue to perform well overall, but also shows demographic inequities and declining results in some areas – Teacher.

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