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Improving student achievement through Assessment for Learning

Toni Glasson

Research has confirmed that Assessment for Learning is a powerful tool that can raise teaching and learning standards – but how do teachers get started? A forthcoming book from Curriculum Corporation provides practical guidance for teachers in the way that they consider and use assessment in the classroom. It highlights the learning partnership between students and teachers as they plan, set goals and respond to feedback to improve student learning and teaching focus.

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The First Australians

Special report 

Produced by Aboriginal filmmakers over six years, the forthcoming television series First Australians chronicles contemporary Australia from the perspective of its first people, Indigenous Australians. The series is supported by a website, an educational DVD, a CD soundtrack and a hard-cover pictorial book. First Australians is a loosely chronological story of significant Indigenous Australians. In the telling of their individual stories, the filmmakers hope to illuminate the wider story of the Indigenous experience.

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Australia’s quest for equity in Indigenous education

Jan Gray, Quentin Beresford

To improve the learning outcomes of Indigenous students, the massive and complex obstacles created by past policies need to be acknowledged and addressed – Australian Journal of Education.

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Classroom lessons and learning in challenging circumstances

Ken Johnston, Debra Hayes

The culture and practices that empower learners in the classroom are much harder to implement in disadvantaged settings than in socially privileged environments – Australian Journal of Language and Literacy.

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