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New Learning

Mary Kalantzis, Bill Cope

Education is in a moment of transition. The idea of ‘New Learning’ contrasts what education has been like in the past with the changes we are experiencing today, and offers an imaginative view of the possible features of learning environments in the near future. New Learning describes changes in the social significance of education, the institutional locations, tools and outcomes of learning, a changing balance of agency between teacher and learner, and an awareness of differences between learners. To juggle all these relations is the challenge for the new teaching professional.

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Stuck in the mud

Norman McCulla

Employing authorities, schools and universities need to work together to free up the process of providing professional experience to student teachers – Professional Educator.

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Learning from literacy successes in high-achieving urban schools

Doris Walker-Dalhouse, Victoria J Risko

Some disadvantaged urban schools in the USA have demonstrated ways to enhance the literacy performances of ethnically diverse students – The Reading Teacher.

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The big rocks: priority management for principals

Kim Marshall

Several time-saving strategies can reduce principals' workload to more manageable proportions – Principal Leadership.

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Primary teachers as readers

Teresa Cremin, Eve Bearne, Marilyn Mottram, Prue Goodwin

A project in England is investigating ways to enhance the quality and quantity of children's recreational reading – English in Education.

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