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Preparing pre-service early childhood teachers to teach science

Christine Howitt

Curtin University of Technology has initiated Collaborative Science, a project to develop various modules on science teaching for pre-service early childhood teachers. The modules will be designed to help them integrate knowledge of science content with their pedagogical skills. Scientists, engineers and teacher educators will work with a cohort of pre-service early childhood teachers within a science curriculum and instruction unit. The teaching materials they develop will be used and evaluated by the pre-service teachers, as well as experienced early childhood teachers and science teacher educators.

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Inquiry-based science education in Australia: a national curriculum

Julie Campbell

The Australian Academy of Science offers educators valuable curriculum and professional learning resources in science and technology – AAS website.

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Phonological literacy

Corinne Buckland, Helen Fraser

A new online module provides education in phonics instruction to pre-service primary teachers – AJLL.

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Growing leaders

Schools should find and develop the leadership potential that exists across their staffing establishment – ISQ Briefings.

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Laptops in schools

Sarah Heller McFarlane

A US teacher reflects on the impact of laptops on student learning and school life, a year after they were introduced for all students in her class – Rethinking Schools.

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