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Languages education in Australia in 2008

Lia Tedesco

The President of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations presents an overview of the current situation in the teaching of languages. The article examines data on student participation in languages, outlines activities being undertaken collaboratively at the national level and provides information about recent Australian Government initiatives. It makes the case for strengthening the place of languages in the curriculum and improving languages education in schools, equipping students to participate actively and meaningfully in a globalised world.

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What's worth fighting for in the principalship?

Michael Fullan

This week Curriculum Leadership publishes an edited excerpt from the preface of What’s Worth Fighting for in the Principalship?, 2nd edition, by Michael Fullan. The author argues that at the same time that the principal has been elevated and viewed as critical to success, 'the principalship itself is sinking – overloaded and pulled down. In this book, I seek a way out of the current dilemma. I am interested in helping incumbent and would-be principals leverage action that will change the system positively in small and large ways'.

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Making room

Derek Wenmoth

Schools should facilitate students’ creation of Web content – EQ Australia.

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Seven systemwide solutions

Kate Anderson Simons, Rivka H Friedman

School districts in the USA develop ways to meet the challenges facing disadvantaged students – Educational Leadership.

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Oral feedback in the context of written language

Eleanor Hawe, Helen Dixon, Enid Watson

Teachers can develop students' skills in writing and self-assessment by discussing their written work with them in depth – Australian Journal of Language and Literacy.

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