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Quality teaching in Australian schools

Teaching Australia 
This week Curriculum Leadership publishes the first of two edited extracts from the report Teaching and leading for quality Australian schools. Much hope is placed on quality teaching and school leadership for the future of Australian students, citizens and workers. There are growing expectations about the ability of schooling to develop students’ skills, knowledge and understandings for an uncertain world ten to twelve years ahead, and to provide the groundwork for lifelong learning for an unknowable future. The research summarised in this report shows that quality teaching and school leadership can help us to meet these expectations. View Article...

Correlating science and maths lessons

Sandra West, Selina Vásquez-Mireles
Science and maths teaching can both benefit when they are correlated within a combined instructional model – Science Teacher. View Abstract...

Giving meaning to the numbers

Jeff Marshall, Bob Horton, Joyce Austin-Wade
A science teacher and a maths teacher in the USA worked together to create an integrated course covering physics and pre-calculus – Science Teacher. View Abstract...

Challenging the challenged

David Reynolds, Alma Harris, Paul Clarke, Belinda Harris, Sue James
A program has been developed for schools facing ‘exceptionally challenging circumstances’ in England – School Effectiveness and School Improvement.View Abstract...

The politics of ADHD

Linda J Graham
The current model of schooling needs to be redesigned to reflect genuine inclusion of children with ADHD – AARE 2006 Conference papers.View Abstract...